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General Ledger Accounting

Master Your Finances with Expert General Ledger Accounting Services


In the realm of accounting, the general ledger stands as the cornerstone of your financial documentation. It meticulously records all the financial transactions undertaken by your business. Proper general ledger accounting and reconciliation are crucial for maintaining the financial health of your business and ensuring compliance with various regulations.

Nitin Mittal & Co. is a Chartered Accountancy firm established in 2001, offering a comprehensive range of services, including Financial, Management Consultancy, Risk Management, Auditing, Taxation, and Corporate Laws. Our dedication to excellence and professional expertise makes us a trusted partner for businesses across various industries, including Finance, IT Enabled / BPO, Consultancy, Manufacturing, and FMCG Distributors/ Retail.


General Ledger Accounting


General ledger accounting involves recording all the financial transactions of a business in a systematic manner. It includes recording transactions related to assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses. Proper general ledger accounting is essential for preparing accurate financial statements and making informed business decisions.


At Nitin Mittal & Co., we offer comprehensive general ledger accounting services that include:

  • Recording Transactions: Accurately recording all financial transactions of your business in the general ledger.
  • Classifying Transactions: Properly classifying transactions into appropriate accounts.
  • Summarizing Transactions: Summarizing the transactions for a specific period to prepare financial statements.


General Ledger Reconciliation


General ledger reconciliation involves verifying the accuracy of the account balances in the general ledger. It is a process of comparing the balances in the general ledger with external documents, such as bank statements, invoices, and receipts, to identify and correct any discrepancies.


Our general ledger reconciliation services include:

  • Identifying Discrepancies: Identifying any discrepancies between the general ledger balances and external documents.
  • Correcting Discrepancies: Correcting any discrepancies identified during the reconciliation process.
  • Verifying Account Balances: Verifying that the corrected account balances in the general ledger are accurate and complete.


Why Choose Nitin Mittal & Co.

Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries, retired senior managers, accountants, audit assistants, and trainees, with the expertise to manage your general ledger reconciliation and accounting efficiently.

Comprehensive Service: We offer a comprehensive service that includes recording, classifying, and summarizing transactions, as well as identifying and correcting discrepancies in the general ledger.

Trusted by Leading Organizations: We are empaneled with Public Sector Banks, Registrar of Societies, and Comptroller Auditor General of India, and have worked with major PSU banks on various assignments/audits.


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Ensure the financial accuracy of your business with expert general ledger accounting and reconciliation services from Nitin Mittal & Co. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain the financial health.